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[Xmca-l] Re: YouTube'da "Прекрасное далеко" videosunu izleyin

Ulvi, i think that it is fair to say that for some citizens of the soviet union, its dissolution and collapse was a time of celebration.  i'm thinking particularly of the three baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - who were all three invaded by the red army after Stalin & Hitler's collaboration pact.  Poland suffered as well, partitioned by the Russians and Germans.

so i can safely say that when friends and family of mine who lived and now live in Latvia, these maudlin russian songs evoked satirical laughter, if not disgust.  after all, the russian language was one vehicle for russification of the Baltic states within the russian occupation.

so while Bella says the soviet collapse is what it is, the meaning of "is" is embedded in a cultural historical context.  for some this is a period of grief, for others this is a period of celebration, depending upon one's historical experience.


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please tell me bella.

did it reserve this dissolution and collapse which was mainly its own fault?

if you will say that it deserved, i will admit it without any reserve,