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[Xmca-l] Re: Отв: Re: In Defense of Communism: Legendary composer Mikis Theodorakis blasts anti-communists and anti-Stalin slanderers

I think today stalin, after 65 years of his death, is used to demonize
socialism and communism.

We can and should discuss not only Stalin but also Robespierre.

It is useful.

Especially to discuss Robespierre to see how humanity is condemned to a
deep degenerated bourgeois politics since nearly 250 years after

About crimes against humanity, oppression...

For this latter, I think nobody can compete not only with Truman, Bushs and
Trump but also Clinton husband and wife and Obama. Nor Merkel. Nor
Churchill, Blair, Thatcher and queen. And spanish king. And also socialist
Hollande. Tsipras' crimes against Greek working people for managing the
capitalist crisis on behalf of Greek and German capital is obvious. What to
discuss Stalin when we have such a criminal like Tsipras? Are not almost
all of these bourgeois politicians, like Felipe Gonzalez, Javier Solana
mere criminals? Why we do not discuss their crimes? Felipe's crimes for
instance. Killings by his government.

If we have to look for crimes against humanity, imperialism is a Bolt, a

Then why again and again, we are reminded of Stalin? And why we are not
reminded of Hitler?

Because Stalin is used to close the exit from capitalism towards socialist
and communist society. This is a mere fact.

I am ready to discuss crimes of Stalin in depth. With whom?

Not with those people who emphasize Stalin's crimes more than Truman's.

I can discuss this with people who admits that capitalism and imperialism,
in its crimes, can not be compared to socialism, even to Stalin.

There is an ideological struggle here. A fierce stuggle.

Is capitalism and imperialism able to carry humanity? No. But socialism was.

I can enlist many questions here.

This Stalin. Did his planes bomb civilian people in cities? No. British did.

Did Ibm provide support to Nazis for carting  system? Yes. Did Usa after
1945 use nazis to build cia and today's german intelligence services? Why
Americans and Germans do not know these but stalin's name by heart?

This is a self-defence for imperialism.

So did imperialism really condemn  nazism? Or it unherited it?

And when I ask these questions I do no aim at relieving stalin from the
complete responsibility.

But what imperialist media is doing, it is doing this because they are
against crimes against humanity?

This is a wrong universe.

This is anti communism. It has nothing to do with a healthy evaluation of

Can imperialist media do such a healthy evaluation? No.

Who will do it? Those who work to open the way to socialism. They are
responsible to not repeat past mistakes.

Is there any body in the communist movement saying Stalin has done
everything very well and without slightest mistake? No.

Why then is this discussion? Not because there is a risk of a new Stalin
and a Greek one this time.

To close the exit to socialism. To obstruct Kke. This is obvious. Kke is
gaining ground within the Greek working class and Ta Nea discusses stalin.

In a Europe where there are still imbecile queens and kings without
republics, poor masses should believe that stalin was very very bad and
there is no alternative to capitalism other than a new stalin.

Sorry, those who prefer may opt to believe that stalin is still the
greatest danger against the salvation of human species and that we should
admit imperialist world order, this barbarity, I do not opt for this.

Mikis is  completely right when he raises this objection and unmasks its
true purpose.

Humans can be murdered not only by terror. Capitalism does this daily.
Millions are killed, assassinated, murdered due to the sole fact that
capitalist mechanisms are in application in this society. This is occurring
without Stalin.

People can be killed also by their souls.

I have recently read that Russian people does not love Pushkin as in Soviet
Unbelivable. Russian people does not read Pushkin and does not love him
anymore. If Russian people does not read Pushkin, then what he or she reads
is nonsense. If russian people does not love Pushkin, then he or she can
not be in love.

Is there and may there be any greater crime to russian youth than taking
from them pushkin and giving them mcdonalds?

This is counter revolution against humanity.

Down with Lenin and Stalin and long live Mcdonalds.

Fidel is not Stalin. They can not label him as they do for Stalin.

But he is labeled as dictator. Who went to his funeral? Nobody. Not a
single social democrat from Europe.
Tsipras who does not have any problem with fascist Israel state and
capitalism went there. Because he is for socialism? No just to take fresh

Why imperialist media does not blame Israel instead of Stalin?

We can and should discuss stalin, ussr etc but not as Ta Nea does.

We can not discuss it with and within and together with imperialist media.

Mikis is absolutely right. Because via Stalin they try to liquidate
communist legacy of the past and try to close the way to an actual
socialist revolution.

30 Ağu 2017 01:51 tarihinde "Alexandre Sourmava" <avramus@gmail.com> yazdı:

> Hi, Tom
> As borne in the USSR person who have felt Soviet regime on his own back I
> can only agree with your post.
> The most dangerous was to be a marxist in this country.
> Sasha
>     среда, 30 августа 2017 0:12 Tom Richardson <
> tom.richardson3@googlemail.com> писал(а):
> Hello Ulvi
> It will be a help towards understanding your attitude towards the article's
> defence of 'Stalinism', if you will provide your own reason(s) for posting
> it.
> I really wish to acknowledge the lethal horror and inhumanity of the
> occupation, post-war /civil war period in Greece (with UK's murderous
> intervention),  whose agonies continued, followed by the IMF/ECB torture of
> the present.
> Nevertheless, as a committed communist whose analysis of the theory and
> practice of Soviet Russia after 1925-6 is agonised but complete rejection,
> I regret very much to say that I find the actual article a nationalist
> diatribe defending an indefensible personality and system.
> Tom Richardson
> Middlesbrough UK
> [a follower of xmca threads and occasional commentator]
> On 28 August 2017 at 22:40, Ulvi İçil <ulvi.icil@gmail.com> wrote:
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