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[Xmca-l] Re: germ cells

Thanks for sharing, Mike. Engeström is always a relevant reading, and this one is ideal for discussing germ cell. It provides very specific definitions, such as the following:

"The following four characteristics are essential qualities of a germ
cell that may lead to an expansive theoretical concept: (a) the germ cell is the smallest and simplest
initial unit of a complex totality; (b) it carries in itself the foundational contradiction of 100
the complex whole; (c) the germ cell is ubiquitous, so commonplace that it is often taken for
granted and goes unnoticed; (d) the germ cell opens up a perspective for multiple applications,
extensions, and future developments."

And it offers an empirical illustration, examining "standing up from the chair" as a germ cell in home care activity. 

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Attached is a paper from MCA that explicitly uses the notion of a germ cell.