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[Xmca-l] Re: a linguist and a child on D. Trump

I was thinking ... does the US system allow for the appointment of a Regent?


Andy Blunden
On 8/07/2017 7:40 PM, Alfredo Jornet Gil wrote:
We've been perplexed (some may say horrified) by Trump's speech in this list before, as many others in the media have. A linguist in the Washington post (see link below) comments on this and notes how Trump's speech sounds like (American) everyday speech, like he 'could be a family member or a friend'. She also notes his use of hyperbolic verbal and gestural devices. ??I was watching the video and my two-years old daughter passed by and saw Trump talking. Pointing at him, my daughter said, 'enfadado' ('angry' in Spanish). Honestly, I am glad that not many of my family members or friends sound like that, even the American ones!