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[Xmca-l] Re: Beyond Postmodernism: New Dimensions in Clinical Theory and Practice - Google Books

This resource is a gift for further inquiry. The suggested additional
readings I have printed out as a reference for the multiple topics
developing philosophical grounding for interpretive research.
I would agree that the theme of "capsulated representations" is from the
Zolliken Lectures. The chapter by Frederickson in Roger Frie and Donna
Orange edited book is an extended contextual reading giving meaning to this
phrase in relation to exploring "mitsein".  I realize for some Heidegger is
non-sense while for others Heidegger is meaningful. Mitsein as a "mode" of
dasein [being there]  clarifies the relation, and in this sense the focus
on "care" is a "virtue" to be cultivated through our "moods" which generate
"under" standing on "this" philosophical grounding.
Frederickson makes clear the relation of the "ontic" and "ontological" in
Heidegger's approach to human being and the mode of mitsein as being
radically open to presence.

your personal narrative exemplifying moving beyond "identity" I found
compelling. Juxtaposing your article with the Frederickson article leaves
me uncertain and open to experiencing this extended conversation as
radically opening towards "modes" of being-with.
As I try to listen and stay open to these various narrative modes I also
hear your focus on "intellectual well-being" [in contrast to instrumental
mastery] as cultivation of virtue.
I have no felt need to get closure or find a particular standpoint and
appreciate being able to play within the "field" where these conversations
are occurring.

As I followed up and read about the book that Martin recommended by Hans
Cohn, I learned that the Zolliken lectures are an extended dialogue that
Heidegger  explored between his "Being and Time" and this new work.
Heidegger  then gave voice to [shared dialogue]  with psychotherapists.
Hans Cohn's mode of engagement was to carefully listen  to Heidegger's
meaning expressed [and shared] in these Zolliken lectures, that extended
over years. Medrad {SP?}  Boss convened the gatherings.. Google Books gives
free access to the Frederickson Chapter on Heidegger informed by the
Zolliken Lectures. Within this activity grouping are scholars engaged with
Heidegger's learning [continuous] and development [discontinuity] in the
way Michael expresses quantitative & qualitative.

Gives new meaning to the notion of always being open to beginning within
being a "community of learners" that I find hopeful and imaginative.

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> It appears to be from the Zollikon Seminars
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> > Larry, thanks. I find that Heidegger often gets distorted when read in
> > English, and so I do not recognize where he might have written this in
> > order to be able to check it.  Michael
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> >> Michael,
> >> Further context for the phrase (capsule-like representation) is found in
> >> this book which appeared when I googled “Capsule-like representation
> >> Heidegger”
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> Beyond Postmodernism
> >> Beyond Postmodernism identifies ways in which psychoanalysis has moved
> >> beyond the postmodern debate and discusses how this can be applied to
> >> contemporary practice. Roger Frie and Donna Orange bring together many
> of
> >> the leading authorities on psychoanalytic theory and practice to
> provide a
> >> broad scope of psychoanalytic viewpoints and perspectives on the growing
> >> interdisciplinary discourse between psychoanalysis, continental
> >> philosophy, social theory and philosophy of mind. Divided into two part…
> >>
> >>
> >> https://books.google.ca/books?id=HdpcAgAAQBAJ&pg=PA56&lpg=
> >> PA56&dq=capsule-like+representations+Heidegger&
> >> source=bl&ots=cwGLCyju3-&sig=8cKhq1Tw9cnEEQ-fongAspl8pBo&
> >> hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjU3OeVs_XUAhVCwmMKHWHTA8UQ6AEIGzAA#v=
> >> onepage&q=capsule-like%20representations%20Heidegger&f=false
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