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[Xmca-l] LIVING IN PLACE -:- generating utopia retrotopias and LIVING In innovative clusters - How We can Help Create ...

Alfredo, thanks for posting these photos of Vale in 1941. I started a new post to further our exploration of the meaning and sense of  place within our living places. 
I am sending a link from CITYLAB that is intended to be juxtaposed with the 1941 photos sent. 
Notice this article mentions collaboration among various institutional structures including (mayors) as change agents.

Notice that in St. Louis the mayor empowered a non-profit in one specific neighbourhood as the catalyst for am innovation cluster.

I will also briefly mention that Macron, whose teacher was Paul Ricouer believes in innovation cluster. 
He refers to Lyon, Frances 3rd largest city as the crest of a new wave of transforming cityscapes.

I recognize that three quarters of humanity will be living in place in urban metropolitan places. Can cities be designed for livability where the common realm catches common fire.

Juxtaposed with Vale 1941. 

How to Build an Innovation District That Really Works. 
A playbook for mayors. 

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