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[Xmca-l] UNICITY of acoustic and auditory

David K,

I do not want to interrupt the developing theme exploring the notion, the concept, and grasping. 
However I do want to continue the theme of developing from the natural/environmental to the iconic, indexical, and symbolic.

You are exploring the sound scape of the transitions from natural sounds, through the voice tract (iconic) then the indexical, and the symbolic.

Can we say  you are exploring the development/ transition from the acoustic sound scape to the auditory sound scape?
The acoustic sound scape that can be explored as occurring without mediation whereas exploring the vocal tract is iconic. 
David, it seems you are focusing upon this transition and discriminating the features that form a ‘unicity’ (an interactive process or trans/action) that is key for the developing personal/ity. 
You are developing your sensitivity to hear/discriminate these signals that indicate patterns within the developing sound scape (metaphor for place or context of situation) and the way meaning develops within this sound scape.

We can put this question aside for now, but I hope we return to this exploration of transitions, unicity, and discriminating the acoustic/auditory sound scape. 

In the background I am holding open exploring reading (fluency) and the 3 qualities – rate, accuracy, and prosody-
As you mentioned, science lays out the *array* but teachers focus upon integrative unicity. 
However, teaching persons in schools now give lip service to prosody but focus on standardized measurements of (rate and accuracy). 

I believe your work may translate to exploring prosody as the KEY to persons acquiring reading fluency.

I hope we can pick up this theme after exploring the notion of the concept

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