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[Xmca-l] Re: ZPD and DST!

Those interested in mediation, might want to read Jean-Luc Nancy (in *Being
Singular Plural*) and his extended meditation on mediation. I am pasting a
couple of paragraphs. I can already see Larry mediate on this . . . Michael

Jean-Luc Nancy, Being Singular Plural, p. 94:
        "Self" is not the relation of a "me" to "itself."8 1 "Self" is more
originary than "me" and "you." "Self" is primarily nothing other
than the "as such" of Being in general. Being is only its own "as Being."
The "as" does not happen to Being; it does not add itself to
Being; it does not intensify Being: it is Being, constitutively. Therefore,
Being is directly and immediately mediated *by itself*; it is itself
mediation; it is mediation without any instrument, and it is
nondialectic: dia-lectic without dialectic. It is negativity without
use, the *nothing* of the with and the *nothing* as the with. The with
as with is nothing but the exposition of Being-as-such, each time
singularly such and, therefore, always plurally such.
          Prior to "me" and "you," the "self" is like a "we" that is
neither a
collective subject nor "intersubjectivity," but rather the immediate
mediation of Being in "(it)self," the plural fold of the origin.
         (Is mediation itself the "with"? Certainly, it is. The "with" is
permutation of what remains in its place, each one and each time.
The "with" is the permutation without an Other. An Other is always
the Mediator; its prototype is Christ. Here, on the contrary, it
is a matter of mediation without a mediator, that is, without the
"power of the negative" and its remarkable power to retain within
itself its own contradiction, which always defines and fills in
[plombe] the subject. Mediation without a mediator mediates nothing:
it is the mid-point [mi-lieu], the place of sharing and crossing
through [passage];

Wolff-Michael Roth, Lansdowne Professor
Applied Cognitive Science
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On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 6:30 AM, <lpscholar2@gmail.com> wrote:

> I would also like a copy [private or public] of the article
> Last month we explored various assumptions [approaches] engaging
> perezhivanie.
> This thread today approaching mediation through conversare [the middle
> voice] focusing on understanding  mediation being equally active and
> passive. WM Roth indicating;
> This thread is  on the threshold of exploring   concept/word through the
> prism of consciousness   refracted as asymmetrical moments within
> symmetrical units. Transforming the relation of asymmetrical and
> symmetrical – moments and units.
> These multiple articles read through each other [opening a place] which we
> collectively and individually may [visit] and possibly inhabit?
> Will require slow reading through complex medium. Will begin with Wolff
> Michael and Luis Radford 9 page editorial ‘re/thinking’ Zpd – a symmetrical
> reading
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