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[Xmca-l] Re: Our continuing concern about Trump

Thanks for the post calling attention to Vox, Andy.  Vox (including Beauchamp) has proven interesting to think with (for agreement or productive disagreement) for many of us in my little intersection of the world at this time!  
(BTW: The thing that irritates me a lot about Vox is that I can't figure out how to get a PDF downloaded of articles I want to work on carefully off-line!  DO you see a way to do it that I am missing?)

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I know that restraint is needed when thinking of introducing current political issues to this list but I suspect that we are all still worrying about this issue and trying to figure it out. I have recently read a couple of articles on vox.com by a fellow called Zack Beauchamp which really need to be read. I don't know anything about vox.com or Mr. Beauchamp and I suspect he has nothing to do with CHAT or Marxism, but it is well researched, challenging and rings true. See




Andy Blunden