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[Xmca-l] Re: The most, the best educated and the most dangerous


     I have thought about your question and read what others have offered. Here are some thoughts

     In most societies a purpose of education is to inculcate societal norms and. hence, in is not surprising that some of the better exemplars are those who place themselves on the side of the dominant class. However, those that often rise those critical decision points you mention are not necessarily the best educated. They are, what one might term, well educated. That is, they go to the ‘right’ schools, know the ‘right’ [people, wear the ‘right’ clothes, eat the ‘right’ food. They often display, as Detienne and Vernant put it, "mental attitudes and intellectual behavior which combine flair, wisdom, forethought, subtlety of mind, deception, resourcefulness, vigilance, opportunism, various skills, and experience acquired over the years. That is, they display what the Greeks termed metis or cunning; Odysseys being the exemplar.

    Metis, I happen to think (from the viewpoint of a teacher), is a very interesting and troubling trait. 


> On Mar 4, 2017, at  1:41 PM, Ulvi İçil <ulvi.icil@gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, given that education is a class issue in capitalist society, any
> society,
> that the best most educated are placing themselves en masse on the side of
> the dominant class
> can we think that the most "educated" and also the "best" educated are
> at the same time the most dangerous people for the humanity
> because they are located at the most critical decision-making points
> of a social order.
> Well,  this can be a really trivial issue but since I could not meet it in
> my country's intellectual life,communist and non communist, I needed to ask
> it for world experience.
> It seems that the best educated seem to be en masse the most dangerous ones
> to initiate wars etc whereas the least educated formally but the best
> self-educated via working class instititutions seem to be the most
> emancipatory and in fact best educated people in the real sense of the
> world (e.g. José Marti)
> Erdogan is obviously not the most educated in my country, Turkey, nor was
> Hitler nor Bush.
> But Obama, Clinton, Hollande, Javier Solana (who destroyed Yugoslavia with
> Nato bombing) Merkel were and all well educated...and quite dangerous.
> I was really surprised to the self- gathered conscience of one of my
> friends when he stated that Hillary Clinton was a very dangerous woman.
> Thanks
> Ulvi