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[Xmca-l] Live Web Annotation: The Learning Sciences in a New Era of U.S. Nationalism

Dear XMCA,

We are writing to invite you to join in an interactive dialogue about our
essay, "The Learning Sciences in a New Era of U.S. Nationalism," which was
shared on the listserv last month.

The live web annotation, or "annotathon," will be held Monday, February
27th through Friday, March 3rd. During this annotathon, participants will
use the web annotation platform Hypothesis to advance a public dialogue
layered atop our essay “The Learning Sciences in a New Era of U.S.
dialogue is one means of engaging with the article’s guiding question:
“What responsibilities do researchers of learning have in the wake of
Trump’s election and the proliferation of far-right, populist, nationalism
across the globe?” Additional context, background information about the web
annotation platform Hypothesis, and annotathon details are available via
organizer Remi Kalir's blog
and questions both prior to and during the annotathon can be directed via
Twitter to Remi (@remikalir).

*The Politics of Learning Writing Collective*