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Thanks Larry for making the connection and thanks Ana for sending the text
from/about your school.

I will answer this on the thread on Learning Science in the era of global
nationalism-populism. A part of my vain effort to be able to keep hold of
the thread of the discussion.

On Sun, Feb 5, 2017 at 8:31 AM, <lpscholar2@gmail.com> wrote:

> Mike, you have asked for concrete examples of scholars finding routes or
> courses to engage with passion in creating communities that can offer
> sustained responses of hope to the rise of Trump.
> I want to introduce Ana Heras from Buenos Aires Argentina who has been
> participating/performing in developing what she calls ‘communities of
> destiny’ through explicit focus on creating spaces of ‘refuge’. Of central
> concern is the formation of a ‘public’ school that is democratically
> instituted.
> Ana’s work, play, and performance is a unique blend of [perezhivanie]
> exemplary of first ‘living through’ experiences [as mediated] AND THEN
> ‘working and playing and performing through’ what was previously ‘lived
> through’. [as mediated]
> I asked Ana if it was ok to share her ways of creating [spaces of refuge]
> through [communities of destiny].
> There is profound overlap with her work that rises to the concrete and
> with XMCA ways of proceeding.
> ANA is involved in forming and sustaining a publicly funded school in the
> heart of Buenos Aires that is key to forming and sustaining spaces of
> refuge.
> What I believe is particularly relevant is the notion of [becoming] within
> the ways the communities of destiny use ‘memory’ and multiple theories and
> methods intentionally as a living phenomena of moving back and forth
> creating MUTUALLY democratic spaces of refuge. Places from which community
> members can anticipate launching into the *open see* of unknowing,
> uncertainty, and this being a launch into vitality from spaces of refuge.
> Ana uses different theoretical traditions. However the formations that
> develop within her traditions  overlap profoundly with cultural-historical
> traditions such as performances of ‘third spaces’.
>  I believe the institutional formation of a democratic school in Buenos
> Aires being a concrete example that is ongoing and is a community of
> destiny engaging with memory is a living example of what is possible.
> Ana’s work  has a lot to offer as a pragmatic expression of both living
> through AND working through using powerful and expansive methods of
> acknowledgement that may present vital alternatives that answer Mike’s call
> for rising to the concrete.
> I have other articles of Ana’s if this thread resonates?
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> From: Ana Inés Heras
> Sent: February 5, 2017 2:43 AM
> To: Larry Purss
> Subject: Re: Request to share your CERN proposed article
> Dearest Larry
> I am honored by your message. Yes, you can share the pieces I sent and /
> or other pieces you may see fit. Muchas gracias, Larry.
> I believe I had sent you this link a while ago, but just in case:
> The book children and our team made:
> In English: https://proyectodeautonomia.files.
> wordpress.com/2015/12/a-city-in-flames-and-a-community-of-destiny1.pdf
> In Spanish: https://proyectodeautonomia.wordpress.
> com/2015/12/07/la-ciudad-en-llamas-y-la-comunidad-de-destino/
> Presentation of the book at the University in 2016
> https://proyectodeautonomia.wordpress.com/2016/11/21/
> presentamos-la-ciudad-en-llamas-en-unsam/
> As other examples, tho in Spanish, I can provide these posts, related w
> what has been happening here lately re: our national scientific / resesarch
> system. I have been participating as a member of the scientific community
> and as someone who believes in assembly-like, direct democracy gatherings:
> https://proyectodeautonomia.wordpress.com/2017/02/05/4-de-
> febrero-asamblea-en-conicet/
> https://proyectodeautonomia.wordpress.com/2017/02/01/
> plenarios-preparatorios-de-la-asamblea-de-cyt-del-4-de-febrero/
> https://proyectodeautonomia.wordpress.com/2017/01/03/
> navidadencienciaytecnica/
> Muchas gracias, Larry, once again.
> Hasta la victoria,
> Ana Inés
> Dra. Ana Inés Heras Monner Sans
> Investigadora Independiente CONICET (CEDESI UNSAM)
> e Instituto para la Inclusión Social y el Desarrollo Humano
> http://proyectodeautonomia.wordpress.com/
> http://www.aacademica.org/ana.ines.heras
> http://www.unsam.edu.ar/escuelas/humanidades/centros/
> cedesi/_presentacion.asp
> http://www.incluir.org.ar/
> 2017-02-04 18:12 GMT-03:00 <lpscholar2@gmail.com>:
> Hi Ana,
> Mike Cole who is a central participant at the XMCA list serve has asked
> for concrete examples of how academics can descend from their ivory towers
> and engage meaningfully with their publics who will never go to a
> university.
> I believe your work is exemplary in this regard and will speak to his
> request for concrete examples. I am proposing to send your CERN proposal
> that outlines your general approach but wanted to check with you first.
> This list serve generates multiple threads that sometimes go nowhere and
> other times mushroom into extended explorations.
> The common factor on this list serve is Vygotsky and cultural-historical
> theory/psychology.
> At the moment with the rise of Trump there is a concerted question of how
> academics can become relevant in generating community transformation.
> Your having a living experience of community engagement AND then the
> ‘working through’ of what has been previously ‘lived through’ i believe is
> exemplary to answer Mike Cole’s request. You offer a concrete manifestation
> of what is possible when refuges are created and sustained.
> Let me know if I can post your CERN proposal you sent me last year that
> was a work in progress.
> Thanks Ana
> Sent from my Windows 10 phone