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[Xmca-l] Playworlds, Performance, Perezhivanie, Apophasis

Beth and Monica explore the phenomena occurring in playworlds generating perezhivanie.

Playworlds are performance worlds and these worlds may be exploring the relation of ‘unity’ and ‘difference’.

Another term that may have relevance when Beth and Monica refer to negating the negation is the operation of ‘apophasis’. 
  William Frank (On What Cannot Be Said) describes the apophatic :

*In apophasis, which empties language of all positive content, absolute difference cannot be distinguished from absolute unity, even though the respective discourses of difference and unity nominally stand at the antipodes. BOTH configurations, unity and difference, are exposed as relatively arbitrary and, in the end, equally inadequate schemas for articulating what cannot be said. (Franke)

Claire Chambers in her book (Performance Studies and Negative Epistemology) comments on the above Franke citation :

*If unity and difference cannot be distinguished from one another (we cannot KNOW what makes them distinct), then it is impossible to determine what either ‘is’ – meaning that knowing and being, epistemology and ontology, are also impossible to distinguish from one another.(Claire Chambers Chapter 1)

I am not sure how far to go with this theme of : Negating the negation?
I hear this theme in playworlds.

If this seems relevant, i can post the first chapter of Claire Chambers book. I will just mention that Vygotsky’s Judaic childhood and adolescence would have encountered this apophatic ‘tradition’.
Enough for one probe or possible pivot?

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