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[Xmca-l] Re: MCA Issue 3 article for discussion Re-started

This is not a one-off event, Huw. I writing his PhD Dissertation on the philosophy of Nature of Democritus and Epicurus he was taking a position opposite to that of Hegel. The dissertation was published in 1841 when Marx was aged 22. He credits Feuerbach with the impulse to take a stronger materialist line against Hegel with the publication of the Essence of Christianity in 1841. His notes on Hegel's Philosophy of Right (1843) show that he was trying to take a dismissive attitude to Hegel, and it is only in the Theses on Feuerbach and The German Ideology of 1845 where the outlines of Marx's distinctive critique of Hegel are clearly present, as David notes, in the form of a critique of Feuerbach. It is reasonable to suppose that he was working out this position at the time he wrote the 1844 Manuscripts. However, he is still working on how to use Hegel as he writes his Political Economy material in 1857-58, after which his position is pretty settled. However, his turn to Hegel in 1881 to understand calculus, only 2 years before his death, demonstrate that this was an unfinished task.


Andy Blunden
On 26/11/2016 2:58 AM, Huw Lloyd wrote:

Interesting too to consider Marx's mode of analysis, which pertains to
something I'm currently drafting.  Does anyone know when Marx specifically
studied and re-fashioned Hegel's dialectic?