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[Xmca-l] Re: The Local State of Mind

If the aftermath of Brexit is anything to go by, then extra vigilance will
be required around xenophobic acts.  Common decency is more important, not
only for the present but for the future beyond the new horizons -- what you
can preserve under pressure can stand you in good stead. From what I can
see, Bernie was the Democrat's anti-establishment vote, which may have been
the underdog with respect to the democrats but not, it seems, for the
electorate as a whole.


On 9 November 2016 at 20:49, <lpscholar2@gmail.com> wrote:

> Mike,
> Is it possible that our professional concerns on the xmca site and
> yesterday’s  USA self-revelation may have some overlapping shared
> historical contexts.
> For example this month’s article describes *social imaginaries* and
> exploration of authoritarian personality character or disposition.
> Yesterday was a seismic earth shattering event.
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> From: mike cole
> Sent: November 9, 2016 11:47 AM
> To: eXtended Mind, Culture, Activity
> Subject: [Xmca-l] The Local State of Mind
> ​Even as I seek to narrow the focus of my thinking to areas of professional
> concern, such as that
> concerning Vygotsky/meaning/communication etc., the mental work it requires
> to screen out the impact of the election is exhausting.
> One long time xmca participant sent a note saying he needed time to come to
> grips with what
> has happened and how to live in a community for whom the outcome of this
> election is seen as a life saving, noble, affair. Many colleagues,
> particularly women who have been struggling since the
> 1960's and 70's for equal rights, report difficulty breathing.
> That our local crisis is not just about us seems important to keep in
> mind.  But the country's self revelation last night was a real shock.
> To give you some idea of how this is seen here at UCSD I paste below a
> letter to faculty from a concerned, experienced, departmental administrator
> to convey some sense of trauma that many in this community  experiencing.
> It reflects what i am hearing from many communities to which I am somehow
> connected, and I expect you are too. In 50 years of teaching at a
> university I have never seen such a document related to an election.  9/11
> and recent mass shootings are other events that have evoked this kind of
> trauma.
> Coming to terms.... and looking forward to the discussion of the
> consequences of neoliberal STEM education.
> mike
> --------------------
> Dept Letter about "resources for after the election":
> I wanted to remind our community of general resources available for
> self-care, coping skills and connection.
> First, our department has organized a workshop with the *Faculty Staff &
> Assistance Program (FSAP) *to be held *Monday, November 14th from 3:00 -
> 4:00 in Mandler 1539*.  This is available to all members of our community
> to help process emotions and provide general support and resilience
> strategies for dealing with stressful life events.
> FSAP is also available for appointments (for faculty, staff, post-docs,
> labstaff and their family members).  You can arrange an appointment here:
> http://blink.ucsd.edu/HR/services/support/counseling/appointment.html
> For undergraduate and graduate students, *Counseling and Psychological
> Services* is available to assist you.  Please call if you wish to make an
> appointment: (858) 534-3755.  More information available here:
> http://caps.ucsd.edu
> As a reminder, CAPS offers drop-in workshops for all students daily.
> Today’s is “Mindfulness for Daily Living” and occurs at Student Health
> Services from 3-4:30.  More information here:
> http://caps.ucsd.edu/groups.
> html
> Additionally, I believe all of the Campus Community Centers (Black Resource
> Center, Cross-Cultural Center, the LGBT Resource Center, the Raza Resource
> Centro, the Women’s Center) are having some open hours this week.  This
> site provides details for each:  http://community.ucsd.edu
> Finally, a word for *instructors* of classes.  The person-to-person (not
> office-to-person) recommendation from CAPS is to have compassion with
> students who are feeling distressed in the wake of the election.  You may
> wish to be compassionate with respect to rescheduling or postponing
> scheduled exams; keep in mind that if you postpone an exam for one student,
> you must be willing to do the same for all other students under similar
> circumstances.  Please feel free to use me as a resource when considering
> whether or how to adjust your class.  For students in distress, refer them
> as needed to the resources above, and also recall the Triton Concern Line,
> (858) 246-1111 (more information here:  http://blink.ucsd.edu/
> instructors/advising/concern/index.html#Communicating-sensitive-informa)
> Thank you all for being a community that can work together despite
> differences of opinion and thank you for being supportive of those who need
> support now and in the coming weeks.
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