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[Xmca-l] list server name and other technical issues

Dear all,

just a brief onte, while some ?in and outside the US are holding their breath before the election results tonight, ??on some technical issues with the list.

One post was recently stopped by the system for moderation, the reason being that the e-mail was sent to one of the OLD list ?addresses, xmca@weber.ucsd.edu ??and/or ??xmca@potpourri.ucsd.edu. In 2012, the name of the list was changed to xmca-l@ucsd.edu<mailto:xmca-l@ucsd.edu> and it is this address that must be used. Please, if you happen to get an e-mail stopped, check whether one of the old addresses is still in your address book and update it.

In other occasions, posts are stopped as the result of someone who either is trying to post from a non-subscribed address, or put too many addresses in the To: or Cc: line.

Whenever this happens, you can directly contact Bruce at bjones@ucsd.edu , who takes care of the mailing list.


PS: I just read the Newyorker today and I am glad to discover that at least some media in the US have, and at least some days a year, have a much more elegant ?way to endorse candidates than do some newspapers in Spain (http://www.eldiario.es/politica/Pedro-Sanchez-economicos-gobernara-Podemos_0_574992889.html?)

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