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[Xmca-l] Re: What are we doing here?

On 11/5/16, 1:18 PM, "xmca-l-bounces@mailman.ucsd.edu on behalf of Christopher Schuck" <xmca-l-bounces@mailman.ucsd.edu on behalf of schuckthemonkey@gmail.com> wrote:

    "As part of any effort to make discussions more inclusive, it might be
    worth specifying the kinds of problematic dynamics being targeted.

Chris, I found this analysis of ways that people might feel shut down or shut out of discussion in XMCA very insightful.  How can we use it to guide us through the dim light and hurly burly of this inter-alien bar that is XMCA? (I do think Rod’s analogy is right-on, and very funny). This is another example of how the email thread could be enhanced by a more spatial, less linear representation of our thoughts, emotions, and practices, as in a website or blogsite where we could post, edit, revisit your description of seven moves that engender marginalization when we post to the group.  We might even begin to develop a consensus about what we are all doing here, both ethically and conceptually.  Topical threads could have their own spaces, to help avoid the confusion of names (who said what) and ideas.   


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