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[Xmca-l] Baritone Voices Promoting Gender Equality in Intellectual Co-Creation

I wanted to take a turn and was concerned about interrupting so decided to pick up a thread or text *message* from David Kellogg and transpose it to a new thread for Baritone Voices amplifying Soprano voices [hopefully in harmony].

David, like Rod, I would, following your invitation and your lead get my hands [or computer] on something that Ruqaiyn wrote. Your way of contrasting her with that list of men, and also sensing Vygotsky is read too much diverging spontaneous and scientific word meaning and her seeing *value* in their *reversibility* [each IN the other] indicating co-generation and co-expression of thought, intellectualization, logic, and logos, seems to be pregnant with possibility as Baritones finding *common sense* with Sopranos. 

Rod, your taking up David’s invitation and describing your course *understanding understanding* is also very pertinent to *extending* this conversation. 

I hope my jumping in rapidly [with excitement] and the hope of learning to more effectively to become a Baritone co-creating *sens* [which always indicates meaning with direction] may be encouraged in a new thread for Baritones supporting Soprano voices. Thereby creating a symphonic harmony.

Back to pick up and *resume* Rod’s request to engage with Ruqiya. Whwere do we start?

PS: Soprano voices may reply here

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