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[Xmca-l] Re: Analysis of Gender in early xmca discourse

> I'm quite happy to see that the message got through to you, but not Huw. I
> cannot say with certainty what the solution is, but I think it is safe to
> offer that many would welcome an open discussion and search for one void of
> ridicule and sarcasm.
Well, to the tech question,  Social protocols work best.

No humour == no list, I think.  But sarcasm is a big no-no for me -- v.
tiresome. Irony is much better.

So, do you say no humour with certain people, even if they make posts about
squirrels?  Seems like rule making to me.

I think I will take advice of that video from Annalisa's about 2nd post.

Apologies, and err no humour from me.  Things to do.