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[Xmca-l] Re: Analysis of Gender in early xmca discourse


I believe that if there is a true concern about gender imbalances on this list, there are many untried ways.

Also, if I might offer with an unscientific opinion, that maybe chaining is an effect, not a cause. I am doubtful that preventing chaining is going to solve the problem.

Without meaning to sound flip, perhaps one of the ways to solve a problem is to identify exactly what it is, how it starts. As Vygotsky shows us, to consider its genesis, and.. its history, its society, its tools, its culture.

What amazes me is that there is an adoration of theory, a revelry of tools, a congratulatory society, but a neglect of application of the knowledge to create a welcoming culture. It can't be entirely dependent upon one person or a few, which I believe Mike would agree. As we have heard, it takes a village.

So... it's not as if there is no awareness or means to deliver a solution. Perhaps instead it has to do with application and will.

Bad habits are hard to break, but that doesn't mean because they are hard to break that we should give up.

...if the problem doesn't resolve by itself... it should be unremarkable to note that problems rarely do go away by themselves. Like many political problems, if the the most influential or most active behave along the lines that ignoring a problem is the best solution, so that then we can all pretend there is no problem and with enough time...voila! there is no problem!! (Meh)

Another possibility to consider is that ignorance to solve a problem is a noble thing to admit, and in that case, if that is the case, it's time to listen to Others, and if that does not work, then to consider finding professional outside help.

For example, in this wide world there has to be many many people who are skilled at handling inequality in the workplace and in the classroom. And teaching others those skills.

One example is the (now defunct) Ada Initiative's Ally Skills Workshop:


I can't believe that this is the only practitioner there is out there, but you get the idea.

I say this because there is in a sense a dichotomy of The Men and The Women of The List, but perhaps that dichotomy is what causes the wrong kind of tensions, and it requires a third (dialectical) entity of someone to enter the fray who does not have to risk reputation or save face to break up the ice flows.

Here is a 30 minute lecture by Ada co-Founder, Valerie Aurora:


The Ada Initiative was a great effort, but it shut after a short run. See:


Maybe there is something to glean there?

Raising consciousness despite a cold and continuing rain...

Kind regards,