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[Xmca-l] subscription linke reminder

Hi all,

this is just a quick reminder, motivated by some recent requests to subscribe, that we have an xmca web where there is a link both to subscribe and to unsubscribe. Although all of you might already know it, here is the link to xmca web pages:


Clicking on the "subscribe to xmca" button in red to the right allows both for subscribing AND for unsubscribing (the latter is done manually by xmca's dedicated Bruce, who receives an e-mail when you follow the link in the unsubscribe option). Please, share this link with anyone that might want to join us.

As you will see if you follow the link above, the pages are outdated, but we are already working to update them. The articles for discussion and other features related to MCA will be announced there, as they had been until recently. We are also considering new uses of these pages for our collective inquiry. So, more on this soon!