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[Xmca-l] APA Division 5 Awards for Qualitative Research in Psychology

Hello xmca-ers -

As Communications Officer for the Society for Qualitative Inquiry in
Psychology (a subdivision of APA Division 5) I'm looking to put the word
out there about the upcoming Div5 awards. I figured the folks on this list
would be able to come up with some strong nominations of people who are
doing qualitative research on psychological topics. If you have a
colleague, mentor, or former graduate student who has done excellent work
with qualitative methods, please consider nominating them for one of these
awards. Announcement and information about how to nominate attached below.


Division 5 of the American Psychological Association (the Division of
Quantitative and Qualitative Methods) awards prizes each year for
outstanding work in qualitative and quantitative psychology.
The following awards for qualitative inquiry will be awarded in 2017:

Distinguished Contributions in Qualitative Inquiry Award
Distinguished Contributions to Teaching and Mentoring in Qualitative
Inquiry Award
Distinguished Early Career Contributions in Qualitative Inquiry Award
Distinguished Dissertation in Qualitative Inquiry Award

All award recipients will be given an awards plaque and an honorary
one-year membership in Division 5. Recipients attending the 2017 APA
convention will be honored at the Division 5 Awards Symposium where each
will have the opportunity to make a brief presentation. Neither the
nominator nor the nominee need be a current or former member of either APA
or Division 5. Both self-nominations and nominations by others will be
considered. Specific nomination materials required for each award are
listed in the attached document.

Please send all requested nomination materials by email to Carolyn
Anderson, Chair of the 2017 Awards Committee (APA.Div5.Awards@gmail.com or
cja@illinois.edu) by December 1, 2016. A confirmation email will be sent
when an award package is complete. The outcome of the review process will
be announced by February 1, 2017. Should you have any questions concerning
the awards, the nomination process, and/or the review process, please
contact Carolyn Anderson.

Elizabeth Fein, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Duquesne University

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