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[Xmca-l] Child Development: Understanding a Cultural Perspective

I have a textbook currently in production with Sage, titled ‘Child Development: Understanding a Cultural Perspective.’  It is my attempt to make sense of how children develop in cultural contexts, and to organize some of the exploding literature in developmental science. There are many flaws in the book, but hopefully it has some merits!  

Sage has asked me to identify colleagues who might be interested in adopting or recommending this text for courses they are teaching. I asked if they would receive a complementary copy of the book, and Sage’s reply is "We will review those contacts, and if they are teaching the right course, they will absolutely receive a copy.” Please contact me if you might adopt the book, or at least might like a free copy!  :)

The information requested by Sage is name, institution, course details, and email/telephone. I have uploaded the introductory chapter to Academia.edu: