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[Xmca-l] Re: Parts and wholes

I read epistemology as ways of *knowing* including knowing *being*.
I hear ontology focused on *being* as more accurately depicted as *becoming* or *arising* into being.
To *know* or to have knowledge of this arising phenomena (becoming moving into being as a particular ontology or working ontology) is not primary but is more retrospective/ reflective occurring after the event that *then* becomes realized consciously.
The entre deux is *inserting* a 3rd aspect into the relational meshwork. This insertion may be *mediation* that is bi-directional.
Rein refers to *ity* and the relation of subjectiv/ITY & objectiv/ITY are in Buddhist terms co-dependent arisings.
For M-P the institution of both subjectiv/ity and objectivity move through repetition (but not repetition of the same or identical copies). The repetition is bi-directional regression to crystallized institutional knowing & the tendency for all forms to overcome their boundary demarcations transforming *beyond* the realm of conscious *knowing*. The logic of institution for M-P is a subterranean movement of embodied expression (gesture, inclination) through environments that precedes *knowing*.
The relation of both epistemology and ontology shift with this new organ of sense *developing* through co-dependent arising. 
The word *passivity* will need to be inserted at some point but enough for one post

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