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[Xmca-l] Re: I just think it's great, more than great,


This revealing of the self on demand and concealing of the self on demand is something that women suffer a lot. Largely, it boils down to appearances rather than on the topic at hand. The part that makes it undignified is that it is expected upon demand.

It is an explanation I offer why the Democratic nominee is defensive about how she displays a self. Herself.

I don't care if she isn't charming and glamourous. Or fill-in-the blank about what makes a self authentic. If a person is standing there, that person has a dignified self present.

Don't you think it's great that it's a new world?

Geraldine was nominated in 1988 to be the #2 with Walter Mondale. That is almost 30 years ago. My questions have less to do with the display of self of a presidential candidate and wondering what has taken so long?

What exists in our society to create hierarchies of selves?

What is wrong with equal despite differences (and what is wrong with separation because of differences)?

Where does this American myth of the rugged individual arise from?

Kind regards,