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[Xmca-l] I just think it's great, more than great,

...that a woman has finally been nominated to be president of my country - almost 100 years since women's suffrage.

Just in case no one noticed on this list.

I also think it's of note that when Obama was nominated in 2008 that John McCain congratulated Barak Obama for making history. Notice the lack of acknowledgement in the same party for this historic nomination. Instead, that nominee is screaming to have this nominee put in jail.

What does that mean?

Isn't that typical of that kind of mentality from that kind of a man? And hasn't that been the history of women? to be a woman locked up and to have her liberties removed for trying to make a difference in the lives of others and for herself? to be silenced and then have her sanity questioned? Her body taken away from her. Imagine *the courage* it takes to get up in front of the world despite that history and despite that treatment and still say, "I want to do this job and I want to do it with you, together."

Whether you like her or not, you have to consider that.

It is marvelous that Bernie Sanders is doing what he can to heal the rift in the Democratic party.  He's done a great job to bring attention to the issues and I hope it's the beginning of a re-turn to the left. I am also glad to hear that many Bernie supporters are going to continue fighting toward the goal of creating a more equal society even after Bernie returns to the senate. I plan to join them in that endeavor. Now is the time to come together and make sure a megalomaniac does not take over the free world. I hope you are all listening. There are about 100 days until the election. We all must act.

I myself plan to volunteer, though I am not sure at this point where or how. If anyone knows of ways of acting as a responsible citizen in this election, I hope you will give a shout out on this list and provide suggestions. Let's come up with ideas.

Additionally, I wish to acknowledge that I know this list is not for political discussions and I am not wanting to bait a complaining discourse here that would become inflamed or antagonistic, but I must acknowledge that history is happening right now, and we each have in our reach the means to help make a difference in our futures in some way or another.

We are all citizens and we must work together despite differences.

To listen and to learn and to love one another.

That is what democracy is all about.

Kind regards,