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[Xmca-l] Re: Habits (Greek: ethos)

Greetings Jon,

I received your paper and will need some time to digest it. Just didn't want you to feel that there were crickets!

Also Larry,

Thanks for your great and thoughtful posts! PLEASE post the Kockleman paper! That one sounds fantastic!

And bring on the Confucious and the Dao!

But, a question, Larry, do you mean (in regards to "de-centering" vs. "centering") Paul Turner, or Terrence Turner who was referenced in the Chandler paper just recently posted?

Just wondering if I missed something...


A deep chord was struck when you asked:

*What is the ethical stance (or disposition) of cultural historical theory?*

**THAT is the Sixty-four-thousand Dollar Question (SDQ).**

I am awaiting an answer on that one, because it seems extremely core to what everyone and anyone on this list would care about.

Even all those lurkers who are now eating copious amounts of popcorn, right about now.


Or else you are enjoying yourselves by the beach, or some other sandbox in the world we inhabit!

Kind terrain to you all,