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[Xmca-l] Re: Noumenal and Phenomenal

This movement of consciousness from appearance of what seems real towards a *deeper* reality brings up another question of the position or place from which appearances appear.
The notion of (center) and (periphery) in relation to perception or language or meaning.

Franson Manjali suggests:

“Every use of language, by every speaker/writer of what is called *a language* may be seen as taking place either at the center of a stable entity, resulting in reproductions or repetitions of what that entity is *already* made up of,
As taking place at its tangent or periphery, subjecting it (i.e. the language) to real or potential, but often unforeseen, changes and transformations with respect to its *given* form.”

This notion of perceiving phenomena as occurring either at the center or at the periphery opens up for reflection  concepts such as (position, stance, point of view, place) as being fluid and in flux. 
The notion of context shifts to the *scope* of the context.
What is appearing shifting if we are *focusing* consciousness intentionally on the *center point* or if we approach what is appearing in a more unfocused tangential peripheral way. 

I am intrigued not by the either/or but by the reciprocal interweaving of both/and moving through and within a focused/unfocused way of perceiving. 
This may be related to James Ma’s linking Vygotsky’s deductive focus with Peirce’s abductive inferences?

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From: Martin John Packer