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[Xmca-l] Re: Vygotsky.Peirce.Mediation

I have been reading the link that Andy sent and am experiencing a deep (bond) among the participants in this act of culture.
Reflecting on the image of bridges connecting  entities in relation to this (bond) I experienced in my encountering you and Alfred and Arne on this site, where do we locate this bond. Is this bond a “living” entity?
Do the *persons* I am encountering here and now have any substance or essence?
Is it permissible to say these *persons* bonding exist or are real as a *living* presence.
Is this occurring only inside my *mind* as imaginary or imagination.
Or is there a 3rd realm that I will call *imaginal* as an adjective.
To ask if this (bond) I experience as I interpret the words is actually an imaginal image that presents itself through encountering this  living presence as this (bond).
I am using *imaginal* image to convey a sense of the presence of these 3 persons bonding that is a living (vital, animated) presence. This presence is not captured or expressed in the same way when using the words imaginary or imagination.
If others who are reading the link are also experiencing this (bond) then it is not merely private nor objective. It seems to be a third way (via media).
I do not think the bridge metaphor expresses this *imaginal* image as what is occurring is *deep within* our meeting in this third space. 
I have a hunch that Peirce as a third way may contribute something to my question. 

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From: mike cole