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[Xmca-l] Re: The power of Humanities in a recursive loop

Thanks Martin and Greg,

Um... first things first. I never do the paint thinner down the toilet thing. I actually make an appointment with the waste management department on Saturdays and drive it in. Do they not have such a thing for you, Martin?

And, I love your poem Greg. Just because computers "think" algorithmically doesn't mean we do. Humans first! :) And Humanities first (too!)

As much as code is a stinky affair for some of us non-STEMers, there is something to be said of occupying the codebases. I don't mean github or reddit, as I'm not a masochist. 

However coding should not be a social-darwinist experiment, which tends to be the case because code interpreters are ruthless syntactic stalinists. I myself have tried to teach myself to code more times than I can count, and it still eludes me! If I had the right teacher, I'd do some great things with code. I think it's because of my system-thinking (top-down rather than bottom up) that it eludes me. You can't sketch with code, and then fill in the lines (or can you?) I sense, if I were to learn to code, I'd become a dialectic coder.

Is there such a thing?

Kind recursions,


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