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[Xmca-l] Re: Fwd: Verizon's greed

Before we do take it off list, John Naughton A Brief History Of The 
Future https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=yvxKcAAACAAJ&redir_esc=y&hl=en

I have used this book to teach with. Very good indeed.


On 26/04/2016 13:34, Glassman, Michael wrote:
> Hi Greg,
> Do you mean Brian McCoullogh's history of the Internet?  That's a little Silicon Valleyish for what I'm exploring.  I'm looking more at the Menlo Park era.  If you have any other resources I would love to have them (I feel like I'm running out of sources).  Perhaps we should take it off-list though not to bother anybody.
> Michael
> Glassman.13@osu.edu
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> Too late to write what deserves a long response to both your posts but if you are getting into the history of the web I highly recommend The History of the Internet podcast. Its very good.
> On Mon, Apr 25, 2016, 10:21 PM Glassman, Michael <glassman.13@osu.edu>
> wrote:
>> Larry, Greg, Mike and others,
>> I don't know the word Ikagai, and I try to be careful with words from
>> other cultures.  I'm having enough trouble with the words in my own
>> culture.  For instance I recently ran across Jenkins idea of
>> participatory culture through some of the work I have been doing on
>> gaming with a student
>> - but I am at a loss because participatory does so much work for
>> Participatory Action Research.  The former talks about active
>> participation as opposed to passive consumerism (am I getting this
>> right Greg) while the latter takes a much more
>> political/economic/cultural perspective of allowing members of a group
>> to participate in the trajectory of their social group as true
>> members.  Then there is the other participatory action research and
>> Levy-Bruhl's participation.  For me it boggles the mind.  How do we keep our ideas straight.
>> As far as I know there is no word in the English language that seems
>> to capture my minimal understanding of Ikagai, but it is important to
>> then assume it is not there.  I tend to think that reason for being is
>> not so well captured in English because it is a process, in many ways a search.
>> Reaching back to an older thread maybe re-search is a continuation of
>> our process to understand why we exist (perhaps that sounds a little
>> overblown).  I also think it is dangerous to make a distinction
>> between East and West.  Well of course there are differences between
>> cultures, but I don't think they break down so easily and they are deeply tie to the
>> particular time and social context.   At least in the United States, it is
>> important not to confuse our economic paradigm with our culture (I
>> always fall in to this).  It is true that there has been a focus on
>> the individual, opposing her/him to the collective, but there have
>> been times in the United States even that have been the complete
>> opposite.  Where there was no light between the individual and the
>> collective.  I have recently been doing a lot of reading on the
>> beginnings of the Internet, because sometimes I get obsessed by a
>> topic.  I am astounded by the ways in which individual and collective
>> melded together almost seamlessly for a period of years.  We don't
>> have to discover networked learning, we have to remember it.  I don't
>> know other cultures well enough but I'm not sure this could have
>> happened in many other places.  Perhaps they were working from a sense
>> of Ikagai, a reason for being, I don't know.  It seems like nobody ever really stopped to think about.
>> Michael
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>> Greg, Mike,
>> If it is true that the concept  Ikagi is currently being culturally
>> appropriated then why now? is one of the *reasons* because of this
>> fundamental question that Mimi Ito asks:
>> Why must developing individuality assume [pre-suppose] the need for
>> opposing the individual to collective cultural  forms [configurations].
>> This is a peculiar Western notion.
>> This question resonates with  questions of reason [reflection]  as
>> *external* or *internal* as illustrated with these two differing
>> *pro*-positions. [presuppositions]
>> 1) The actual world is *independent* of our descriptions or knowledge
>> of the world, our values, preferences, and emotional responses to the
>> world, and our attempts to understand or explain the world. This is an
>> *external* sense of relation [of self and world].
>> 2) All knowledge is a set of conventions governed by a central paradigm.
>> Knowledge is derived and *informed* by that paradigm and does not
>> refer to anything other than the paradigm it is *informed* by. This is
>> an internal sense of relation from *within*.
>> I hear Mimi Ito’s sense which she describes as a Japanese cultural
>> sense leaning towards *internal* relations which does not posit the
>> collective as external to the self.
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>> From: mike cole
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>> To: eXtended Mind, Culture, Activity
>> Subject: [Xmca-l] Re: Fwd: Verizon's greed
>> That *is* a neat Venn diagram, Greg. And I just learned of the word
>> today for reasons that grow out of an MCA project involving a hard to
>> define non-English words. The link to Mimi Ito, connected learning
>> zeitgeists, and passionate affinity groups is a welcome addition to my education.
>> mike
>> PS- Neat looking web page too!!
>> On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 5:03 PM, Greg Mcverry <jgregmcverry@gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> As we were discussing ikagi in this thread it reminded me that it
>>> seems to be popping up more and more  in my circles.
>>> Here was a post I did a few months back after a group of us read
>>> Jenkins, Ito, and boyd's latest book.:
>>> http://jgregorymcverry.com/in-search-of-ikigai-meaning-making-as-cul
>>> tu
>>> re/
>>> It has no academic value or insight just a personal reflection.
>>> The concept of "ikagi" seems to be gaining cultural relevance in the
>>> tech scene or emerging theoretical perspectives "connected
>>> learning-- a pragmatic amalgamation of learning theories with deep roots to XMCA.
>>> Not sure if the rising popularity of Ikagi is window dressing for
>>> the newly minted millionaire's, "millennial attitudes," or effects
>>> of our networked society.
>>>   Given that I hate generational distinctions and avoid guessing
>>> anyone's motives I am going witha  theory that the  semiotic power
>>> of a well balanced Venn Diagram and the meaning packed within
>>> creates an inspirational aspiration.
>>> One that "hipster" crowd has appropriated. In fact if anyone has had
>>> the chance to see the American satire show "Silicon Valley" I would
>>> be willing to bet on an "Ikagi" joke.....which also speaks to a much
>>> larger level of cultural appropriation.
>>> On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 7:34 AM Lplarry <lpscholar2@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Val opened this line of the intertwining  thread with her passion
>>>> for requisite variety as the quality of permeable membranes and
>>>> interface as necessary for general systems theory unfolding as
>>>> human
>> projects.
>>>> This occurs at all levels (cell, self, families, teams,
>>>> communities, nations).
>>>> Two nations that Val offers as exemplary are Japan and Germany.
>>>> Implicit is the realization that these two nations *tend* towards
>>>> equilibrium having *requisite variety* This post lead to Andy
>>>> exploring the notion of having a *reason* for getting up in the
>>>> morning. Helen then contributed and elaborated on this quality of
>>>> life.
>>>> Then Wagner, taking his turn,pointed to a deep contrast with how
>>>> he saw the *reality* of  Japanese culture and it’s focus on the
>>>> ideal of not being a nail that sticks out as *actually* being more
>>>> like a
>>>> *linear* dynamic system that is generally closed and nonpermeable.
>>>> This type of system  which displays qualities which *express*
>>>> what seems to have the quality of  mechanical systems having the
>>>> opposite system characteristic  of cells which  have *organic
>> permeable boundaries* .
>>>> My question is how Japan can be conceptualized as both exemplary
>>>> (living experience as if organically permeable) following the
>>>> theory of general biological systems theory) and also be perceived
>>>> as a dead and lifeless place which images a general mechanical
>>>> systems theory with external
>>> moving
>>>> *parts* only mechanically related and therefore forming a sense of
>>> lifeless
>>>> *repetition*.
>>>> It seems that within japanese culture we can be participating in
>>>> both organic général systems (permeable membrane image) and at the
>>>> same time participating in mechanical general systems (closed
>>>> impermeable dead
>>>> membranes)
>>>> Both  forms of recognition in Nancy Frasers understanding of
>>>> culture but it seems to hinge on the difference between mechanical
>>>> and organic metaphors of system boundaries. Are system boundaries
>>>> closed
>>>> *walls*
>>>> (Trump) or permeable *membranes*.
>>>> Dead/mechanical or living/breathing systems.
>>>> Is this the difference between *linear* and *nonlinear* notions of
>>> systems?
>>>> My turn is to reflect on the relation between *eco* system as a
>>>> concept and the aboriginal image of *mother earth* as a similar
>> concept.
>>>> These symbols both sharing notions of open  membranes but they do
>>>> have a diiferent feel and sense of being organic life.
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>>>> From: Wilkinson
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>>>> To: eXtended Mind, Culture, Activity
>>>> Subject: [Xmca-l] Re: Fwd: Verizon's greed
>>>> Note (a continuation):
>>>> I was in such a hurry that I couldn't remember "the project as
>>>> unit of analysis." (thanks Andy)  We do progress!  It's not just
>>>> survival of the fittest, but also mutual aid is a factor.  And
>>>> like we used to say in Medieval Lit, "when Adam dug and Eve spun,
>>>> who was then a "gentleman"?
>>>> V
>>>> On 2016/04/25 12:13, Wilkinson wrote:
>>>>> Life in the present mode of existence, being.
>>>>> Hello, dear Xmca-er colleagues.
>>>>> I'm checking in as a woman scholar voice doing research in
>>>>> General Systems Theory.  Once I was just at the beginning and
>>>>> now nearly the
>>> end
>>>>> of my institutional career.  In Japan.  A National University.
>>>>> I live in an educational world where the children have been
>>>>> taught that the nail that sticks out gets beaten down.
>>>>> As a systems theorist, at the level of self, group, community -
>>>>> living systems naturally seek equilibrium.  So why would I vote
>>>>> or not vote
>>> for
>>>>> Sanders?  Why would I vote or not vote for Hilary?
>>>>> 40 years of teaching languages, Latin, Greek, English, has been
>>>>> to make my living.  What I love and want to talk about is how to
>>>>> create a great team, produce a film, coordinate a satisfactory
>>>>> project, with the young ones who are enacting the managerial
>>>>> roles having the full support of the community of adults, both
>>>>> in and out of the academy.  Moreover, peer-learning, which
>>>>> appears essential, and has so appeared to me since I was seven, "teaching"
>>>>> my one year younger brother how to read my
>>> first
>>>>> English primer.
>>>>> Time and again Andy, Larry, and Mike have responded lucidly and
>>>>> kindly to my flashing dives into the stream.  I feel that Andy's
>>>>> "project" as mode/method/focus for the self, the team, and the
>>>>> community is
>>> coherent,
>>>>> articulate, manageable.  So if I fear and dread recursions of
>>>>> 30s horrors, world depression, anti-union, the ghastly shape of
>>>>> Nazism appearing, the shape of Joseph McCarthy's witch-hunts,
>>>>> it's not going
>>> to
>>>>> help much with my projects of today, this week, etc.
>>>>> But coming back again and again to the present, the projects I
>>>>> am doing now, this week, this month, working out how to stay in
>>>>> contact with the players, get announcements out to the
>>>>> community, well, that is quite enough for me to do.  Since the
>>>>> kids are grown up and don't need me so much, I have to encourage
>>>>> young students to join clubs, have meetings, plan events.  Just
>>>>> have to stay busy
>> ...
>>>>> But always coming back to General Systems Theory, and moving
>>>>> with the present, as a woman/mother/lover/teacher/faculty
>>>>> member/participant-observer, I value the exquisite mind of Ross
>>>>> Ashby and "requisite variety," which is what a viable system
>>>>> needs to
>>> survive,
>>>>> an environment which draws out the creative, which satisfies the
>>> hunger.
>>>>>    Permeable membranes and interface is how I see the interaction
>>>>> of nations and communities and teams and people and families and
>>>>> the cells in the body maintaining health.
>>>>> It is hard for me to check in or dive in with a word, but XMCA
>>> continues
>>>>> to be the best forum for my serendipities and synchronicities
>>>>> and reading of the news.  I'm still a GST person and keep my eye
>>>>> on Ervin Laszlow and the Budapest Club for international
>>>>> cooperative ventures in sustainable business, a benign
>>>>> transition to an age of
>>> ultra-technology,
>>>>> in which human communities can create harmonious dwellings,
>>>>> environmentally friendly renewable energy and so on.  I live in
>>>>> Japan and my brother's family members live in Germany.  Living
>>>>> in the present does not mean just today.  I see that it means
>>>>> progressing toward
>>> better
>>>>> education, better health, better food supply.  I still want to
>>>>> pay attention to Japan and Germany - and where ever people have
>>>>> learned
>>> that
>>>>> wholesome, calm work places, educational opportunities and
>>>>> intrinsic development, taking it easy and taking it slow, are
>>>>> altogether so much better than war, war, bombs, and
>>>>> military/industrial complex money
>>> blah,
>>>>> messing up the academy, truncating creativity, killing joyful
>>>>> work places. (But now I see that I am standing on a box in a
>>>>> park instead of getting on with my projects for today).
>>>>> Vandy
>>>>> 2016/04/25 9:29, mike cole wrote:
>>>>>> This is how Sanders represents himself in a way that appeals to
>>>>>> a good many Americans. They do not know what to call it and
>>>>>> neither does he. I offer it as evidence about
>>>> an
>>>>>> unusual phenomenon in American political life that feels to
>>>>>> this dated person a LOT like what I understand of the 1930's in
>>>>>> this country. I
>>>> come
>>>>>> from a line of premature anti-fascists and anti-racists
>>>>>> (terrible
>>>>>> sexists)
>>>>>> who were firm believers in the first ammendment to the
>>>>>> constitution of the US. What I see in this election is very
>>>>>> disturbingly like what those years around my birth were all
>>>>>> about.
>>>>>> The result in that case was a massive world war and the
>>>>>> beginning of
>>> the
>>>>>> atomic age.
>>>>>> The result in this case?
>>>>>> Who was  it you were asking me to vote for?
>>>>>> mike
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>>>>>> When the CEO of a company makes almost $20 million a year but
>>>>>> then tries to outsource jobs, reduce wages, and cut health
>>>>>> benefits -- that's the kind of corporate greed we need to get
>>>>>> rid of in America. *And that's exactly what Verizon is doing
>>>>>> right
>>>>>> now.*
>>>>>> Verizon's employees are fighting back. They're out on strike
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>>>>>> Sisters and Brothers,
>>>>>> The CEO of Verizon makes almost $20 million a year in
>>>>>> compensation. He leads one of the most profitable companies in
>>>>>> the
>> country.
>>>>>> *Yet Verizon wants to take away employees' health benefits.
>>>>>> Verizon
>>>> wants
>>>>>> to outsource decent-paying jobs. Verizon wants to avoid paying
>>>>>> federal income tax. And right now, Verizon is refusing to sit
>>>>>> down and negotiate a fair contract with its employees.*
>>>>>> In other words, Verizon is just another major American
>>>>>> corporation
>>>> trying
>>>>>> to destroy the lives of working Americans. *But this time,
>>>>>> Verizon's employees are fighting back.*
>>>>>> Thousands of very brave employees of Verizon and Verizon
>>>>>> Wireless are
>>> on
>>>>>> strike until they can get a fair contract. They made a *very*
>>> difficult
>>>>>> decision that puts their families at risk -- but it's a choice
>>>>>> they made to stand up for justice against corporate greed.
>>>>>> *I'm asking you today to stand up and tell the CEO of Verizon
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>>>>>> Twice last week in New York City I stood with Verizon workers
>>>>>> in the streets. I did so because they're doing something very brave:
>>>>>> they're standing up not just for themselves, but for the
>>>>>> millions of Americans who don't have a union.
>>>>>> The working class of this country deserves to earn decent
>>>>>> wages,
>>> decent
>>>>>> benefits, and not see their jobs go to low-wage countries.
>>>>>> Verizon's CEO doesn't think that. He called me "contemptible"
>>>>>> for
>>> saying
>>>>>> that his employees need a fair contract, and that Verizon
>>>>>> should pay
>>> its
>>>>>> fair share in federal income taxes.
>>>>>> What I think is contemptible is CEOs with multi-million dollar
>>>>>> compensation packages, presiding over extremely profitable
>>>>>> companies, and still refusing to give their employees fair
>>>>>> contracts.
>>>>>> Corporate greed is a scourge on this country, and it will take
>>>>>> all of
>>> us
>>>>>> standing up for justice in order to rein it in. *One
>>>>>> significant way
>>> you
>>>>>> can stand up to corporate greed is by standing with Verizon
>>>>>> employees
>>>> who
>>>>>> are out on strike.*
>>>>>> *Add your name and say you support Verizon employees who are
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>>>>>> health benefits, fair pay, and job protections.
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>>>>>> Corporate America is slowly beginning to realize that they
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>>>> it
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