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[Xmca-l] Re: Fwd: Verizon's greed

Note (a continuation):
I was in such a hurry that I couldn't remember "the project as unit of analysis." (thanks Andy) We do progress! It's not just survival of the fittest, but also mutual aid is a factor. And like we used to say in Medieval Lit,
"when Adam dug and Eve spun,
who was then a "gentleman"?

On 2016/04/25 12:13, Wilkinson wrote:
Life in the present mode of existence, being.
Hello, dear Xmca-er colleagues.

I'm checking in as a woman scholar voice doing research in General
Systems Theory.  Once I was just at the beginning and now nearly the end
of my institutional career.  In Japan.  A National University.
I live in an educational world where the children have been taught that
the nail that sticks out gets beaten down.

As a systems theorist, at the level of self, group, community - living
systems naturally seek equilibrium.  So why would I vote or not vote for
Sanders?  Why would I vote or not vote for Hilary?

40 years of teaching languages, Latin, Greek, English, has been to make
my living.  What I love and want to talk about is how to create a great
team, produce a film, coordinate a satisfactory project, with the young
ones who are enacting the managerial roles having the full support of
the community of adults, both in and out of the academy.  Moreover,
peer-learning, which appears essential, and has so appeared to me since
I was seven, "teaching" my one year younger brother how to read my first
English primer.

Time and again Andy, Larry, and Mike have responded lucidly and kindly
to my flashing dives into the stream.  I feel that Andy's "project" as
mode/method/focus for the self, the team, and the community is coherent,
articulate, manageable.  So if I fear and dread recursions of 30s
horrors, world depression, anti-union, the ghastly shape of Nazism
appearing, the shape of Joseph McCarthy's witch-hunts, it's not going to
help much with my projects of today, this week, etc.

But coming back again and again to the present, the projects I am doing
now, this week, this month, working out how to stay in contact with the
players, get announcements out to the community, well, that is quite
enough for me to do.  Since the kids are grown up and don't need me so
much, I have to encourage young students to join clubs, have meetings,
plan events.  Just have to stay busy ...

But always coming back to General Systems Theory, and moving with the
present, as a woman/mother/lover/teacher/faculty
member/participant-observer, I value the exquisite mind of Ross Ashby
and "requisite variety," which is what a viable system needs to survive,
an environment which draws out the creative, which satisfies the hunger.
  Permeable membranes and interface is how I see the interaction of
nations and communities and teams and people and families and the cells
in the body maintaining health.

It is hard for me to check in or dive in with a word, but XMCA continues
to be the best forum for my serendipities and synchronicities and
reading of the news.  I'm still a GST person and keep my eye on Ervin
Laszlow and the Budapest Club for international cooperative ventures in
sustainable business, a benign transition to an age of ultra-technology,
in which human communities can create harmonious dwellings,
environmentally friendly renewable energy and so on.  I live in Japan
and my brother's family members live in Germany.  Living in the present
does not mean just today.  I see that it means progressing toward better
education, better health, better food supply.  I still want to pay
attention to Japan and Germany - and where ever people have learned that
wholesome, calm work places, educational opportunities and intrinsic
development, taking it easy and taking it slow, are altogether so much
better than war, war, bombs, and military/industrial complex money blah,
messing up the academy, truncating creativity, killing joyful work
places. (But now I see that I am standing on a box in a park instead of
getting on with my projects for today).

2016/04/25 9:29, mike cole wrote:
This is how Sanders represents himself in a way that appeals to a good
Americans. They do not
know what to call it and neither does he. I offer it as evidence about an
unusual phenomenon in American political life that feels to this dated
person a LOT like what I understand of the 1930's in this country. I come
from a line of premature anti-fascists and anti-racists (terrible
who were firm believers in the first ammendment to the constitution of
US. What I see in this election is very disturbingly like what those
around my birth were all about.

The result in that case was a massive world war and the beginning of the
atomic age.

The result in this case?

Who was  it you were asking me to vote for?

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Subject: Verizon's greed
To: Michael Cole <lchcmike@gmail.com>

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When the CEO of a company makes almost $20 million a year but then
tries to
outsource jobs, reduce wages, and cut health benefits -- that's the
kind of
corporate greed we need to get rid of in America. *And that's exactly
Verizon is doing right now.*

Verizon's employees are fighting back. They're out on strike for a
contract. *Stand with them against their CEO and add your name to
to say you support Verizon employees.

Bernie's email to you about this very important issue about this is
Thank you for standing in solidarity.

Sisters and Brothers,

The CEO of Verizon makes almost $20 million a year in compensation. He
leads one of the most profitable companies in the country.

*Yet Verizon wants to take away employees' health benefits. Verizon wants
to outsource decent-paying jobs. Verizon wants to avoid paying federal
income tax. And right now, Verizon is refusing to sit down and
negotiate a
fair contract with its employees.*

In other words, Verizon is just another major American corporation trying
to destroy the lives of working Americans. *But this time, Verizon's
employees are fighting back.*

Thousands of very brave employees of Verizon and Verizon Wireless are on
strike until they can get a fair contract. They made a *very* difficult
decision that puts their families at risk -- but it's a choice they
made to
stand up for justice against corporate greed.

*I'm asking you today to stand up and tell the CEO of Verizon that you
think Verizon employees deserve a fair contract that protects health
benefits, guarantees fair pay, and stops outsourcing. Click here to add
your name in support of Verizon employees.

*Add Your Name »

Twice last week in New York City I stood with Verizon workers in the
streets. I did so because they're doing something very brave: they're
standing up not just for themselves, but for the millions of Americans
don't have a union.

The working class of this country deserves to earn decent wages, decent
benefits, and not see their jobs go to low-wage countries.

Verizon's CEO doesn't think that. He called me "contemptible" for saying
that his employees need a fair contract, and that Verizon should pay its
fair share in federal income taxes.

What I think is contemptible is CEOs with multi-million dollar
packages, presiding over extremely profitable companies, and still
to give their employees fair contracts.

Corporate greed is a scourge on this country, and it will take all of us
standing up for justice in order to rein it in. *One significant way you
can stand up to corporate greed is by standing with Verizon employees who
are out on strike.*

*Add your name and say you support Verizon employees who are standing
up to
the CEO in order to get a fair contract with health benefits, fair
pay, and
job protections.

Corporate America is slowly beginning to realize that they cannot have it
all. Thanks for helping them know it.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


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