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[Xmca-l] Re: Support the photographic arts

This just in! 

[If you have made a donation to kickstarter, then you will know this already....]

As of right now, there are 569 donors! That's up from 471 yesterday evening! 

They have surpassed their pledge to $30,217 USD with 11 days to go!  almost $8500 USD past the goal. 

That is so so fabulous!

For any Xmcars who donated, I personally thank you! 

Full disclosure: I don't benefit except to know we are supporting good, meaningful art. It's a kind of project that will connect people on so many levels, like perhaps getting your teeth fixed by a handsome young dentist?

Kind regards,


Project update #4
Posted by Maryam Omidi (Creator)

We did it! With the help and support of 471 backers we've reached our funding goal with 11 days to go! The Soviet sanatoriums book is going to happen! We could not be more excited! You can follow our journey, starting this May, by following us on Instagram and Facebook where we'll be posting photos and updates .

Thanks for your help in spreading the word. The additional funding will go to our photography team, some of whom are keen to use film instead of digital cameras. It will also mean that we can visit more sanatoriums than planned to bring you an even better book!


The Soviet sanatoriums team