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[Xmca-l] Support the photographic arts

Hello Xmcars!

I spied this kickstarted project today, which is quite close to making its goal!!!!


At the time I accessed the page the artist has 421 backers and possesses pledges of $21,473 USD so far! BUT needs to reach $21,857 USD to make her goal in the next 12 days.

I figured that the $384 dollars might be easily generated from members of this list, considering the topic of her photographic inquiry. The smallest donation is $7.00 and the highest is $724.00 (for which you can stay at one of the sanatariums for three nights with a friend! Hot dog.)

I am planning to contribute my meager $7.00 so that would make $377, but in return I'll receive some vintage postcards. Nice!

The photographers make superb work. Please consider supporting their art.

Having a wonderful time, and wish you were here:


Kind regards, as always!