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[Xmca-l] Re: With Marx and Engels

David is right, he has a lot of naivetes, but also not totally a childish
manner. This is not aiming to object you Huw. But what is important in my
opinion is that in this dark age, from within a deep darkness, he could
grasp the essence, that is human history can advance only and only through
revolutions, that marxism, leninism has a unique value to understand the
reality, that october is also of unique value for the advancement of human
Finally, it is very interesting that he cites UK as a country in which a
socialist revolution can occur, and that this is not a mere naive idea for
him, he substantiates his view on some observations about the recent
situation of the working-class.
All in all, it is valuable that he owns the essential, that is only a
socialist revolution can emancipate humanity.
This is something great scientists can not see, wise marxists, even
leninists do not want to see in today's world.

1 Nis 2016 05:56 tarihinde "Huw Lloyd" <huw.softdesigns@gmail.com> yazdı:

> A remarkable story, David.  And some compelling footage in the film. Of
> those that stayed it seems that Veneris was the most committed to his new
> home.
> The media U.S. media coverage presented and the accounts of those returning
> seems harsh too.
> I haven't looked at young Max's writings, other than to find out how long
> he'd been blogging them -- a year apparently.  No doubt they are confusions
> present.  At that age and condition perhaps one is closer to a "utopian"
> sense, and looking for a language to frame in.
> Best,
> Huw