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From: Sociology Journal <sociology.journal@britsoc.org.uk> 
Date: 3/31/2016  4:13 AM  (GMT-06:00) 
To: pmocombe@mocombeian.com 
Subject: Sociology Associate Board CfA 

Sociology Associate Board Recruitment  We are seeking 17 new members to join the Sociology Associate Board, from mid-July 2016 until 31 July 2019.  Sociology relies on its peer reviewers to maintain high quality scholarship. Alongside the work of members of the Editorial Board, members of the Associate Board help to ensure that the journal makes a timely and constructive response to article submissions. The Associate Board is an opportunity for individuals to become involved in the ongoing success of the journal by supporting the process of peer reviewing submissions and ensuring only the highest quality and most important articles are published in the journal.  The Board is made up of 30 scholars who commit themselves to reviewing up to 12 papers a year for the journal.   There are no face-to-face meetings; this Board is a ‘virtual’ entity. Members of the Associate Board must possess either a PhD in sociology (or a related social science discipline). All candidates must have authored at least 3 peer reviewed publications and must possess experience of peer reviewing for at least 2 different social science journals. Sociology welcomes members from any cultural, national or academic background to contribute to the diversity of research published by the journal. Please see the BSA’s policies on Equality and Diversity: http://www.britsoc.co.uk/the-bsa/equality.aspx  Application instructions:  The full call for applications, including criteria for joining the board, can be found on the BSA website at: http://www.britsoc.co.uk/publications/publications-vacancies.aspx  The online application form is available online at: http://www.uk-engage.org/britsocab  PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of applications the journal receives, we are only able to accept the first 150 applications. The call will close once we receive 150 applications or by Thursday April 14th, should we not receive the maximum number. If you have queries about the role or about your eligibility please contact UK Engage, who are running the application process on behalf of the BSA, at bsasocab@uk-engage.org  


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