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[Xmca-l] Re: Imagination;semiotic mediation

Hi Mike,

Well in the first case, the stop sign is facing me, as if I am in a car on the other side of the intersection. So the stop is for me. In the second case, it is a stop for the police officers in their SUV, who appear just a little bit too close and not looking where they are going. So it does appear the police car is about to overrun the crossing, thereby running the stop sign.

And yes, black lives matter, but if we lived in a culture that did not confuse values sanctioning violence in the place of empowerment, then saying black lives matter wouldn't matter, because, indeed, all lives matter.

What we must do is try to stop the militarization of police forces, and the terrorism of American citizens by badly trained police. It is my belief that black lives in this country have always been vulnerable, but we are "just" learning of it because: 

    A. The lack of friction in communication and media. 
    B. Police militarization is becoming normalized and the most vulnerable people are the canaries in that coal mine, but we will be next if we don't change these developments. 
    C. We must advocate for lessons in listening and tolerance, and also promote actions of non-violence over violent ones. 

No matter what. 

I don't see any other way around it. 

In fact how would the New Yorker cover read if instead the sign of the cross-guard said LOVE instead of STOP? That would suggest a solution rather than restate the problem. 

All we need is love.

Kind regards,