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[Xmca-l] Advice wanted: Transcription and translation services

Dear colleagues–
We need your advice. Some of you may already know that Eugene Matusov, Ana Marjanovic-Shane, and Mikhail Gradovski are working on the book, tentatively titled “Dialogic Pedagogy and Polyphonic Research: Bakhtin by and for Educators” to be published by Palgrave. For this purpose, we interviewed many seasoned self-proclaimed Bakhtinian educators.
Can you, please, recommend us to find very good but not very expensive companies that will:
1)     Transcribe interview from audio files to text;
2)     Translate and transcribe some interviews from Russian to English;
3)     Edit the final English text of the book?
Have you had any experiences with similar work done by the recommended companies – if so, what is your satisfaction? Any recommendations how we can find such companies/agencies?
We would highly appreciate your advice!
Eugene, Ana, and Mikhail
Eugene Matusov, PhD
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Professor of Education
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