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[Xmca-l] Re: FW: Written Comm's New Methods Resources for Teaching

Hi Peter, Thanks for this -- looks to be a great resource!Best wishes,Wendy

> From: smago@uga.edu
> To: xmca-l@mailman.ucsd.edu
> Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 23:28:17 +0000
> Subject: [Xmca-l]  FW: Written Comm's New Methods Resources for Teaching
> For those who teach university research methods courses, or are attentive to research methods in other courses, or are doing research, or whatever, the following might be of interest.
> From: writcomm Written Communication [mailto:writcomm@umn.edu]
> Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 4:08 PM
> Subject: Written Comm's New Methods Resources for Teaching
> Dear Written Communication Editorial Board:
> I write regarding a relevant new development at Written Communication. We have recently released a set of teaching resources<http://wcx.sagepub.com/site/misc/Index/Classroom/TOC.xhtml> for instructors leading methods courses. These resources include an introduction<http://wcx.sagepub.com/site/misc/Index/Classroom/Resources_Introduction.xhtml>, an overview<http://wcx.sagepub.com/site/misc/Index/Classroom/overview_research_methods.xhtml> of methods in the field, and 11 method descriptions listed below. The bulk of this synthetic work was done by WC’s former Editorial Assistant, Abigail Bakke, and current Editorial Assistant, Kira Dreher. Each method is accompanied by links to what we believe are exemplary articles demonstrating specific methods from Written Communication’s archive. We’ve sought to represent a variety of scholars, disciplines, countries, and topics.
> ·      Concurrent Process Measures<http://wcx.sagepub.com/site/misc/Index/Classroom/concurrent_process_measures.xhtml>
> ·      Diaries and Journals<http://wcx.sagepub.com/site/misc/Index/Classroom/Diaries_Journals.xhtml>
> ·      Ethnography and Ethnographic Tools and Methods<http://wcx.sagepub.com/site/misc/Index/Classroom/EthnographyToolsandMethods.xhtml>
> ·      Historical/Archival<http://wcx.sagepub.com/site/misc/Index/Classroom/Historical_Research.xhtml>
> ·      Interviews<http://wcx.sagepub.com/site/misc/Index/Classroom/Interviews.xhtml>
> ·      Linguistic and Discourse Analysis<http://wcx.sagepub.com/site/misc/Index/Classroom/LinguisticandDiscourseAnalysis.xhtml>
> ·      Quantitative <http://wcx.sagepub.com/site/misc/Index/Classroom/Quantitative.xhtml>
> ·      Quasi-Experimental<http://wcx.sagepub.com/site/misc/Index/Classroom/QuasiExperimental.xhtml>
> ·      Rhetorical Analysis<http://wcx.sagepub.com/site/misc/Index/Classroom/Rhetorical_analysis.xhtml>
> ·      Surveys<http://wcx.sagepub.com/site/misc/Index/Classroom/Surveys.xhtml>
> We hope that you help us to promote this resource in any way you deem appropriate. Perhaps you might choose to use this resource as a supplement for your own courses or recommend it to colleagues and/or graduate students. You might also promote it via other platforms, such as social media.
> I’d welcome any feedback you have on this set of resources. We’re in the process of developing similar resources for other courses, and I’d be interested in your ideas about what those might include, as well.
> As always, thank you for your support of Written Communication.
> Sincerely,
> Christina Haas
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