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[Xmca-l] Gavriel Salomon

Dear colleagues,

I just got this very sad news from EARLI. I was an admirer of Gavriel
Salomon's work, although I never had the opportunity to interact with him
in person. His work touched minds in places as far from Israel as South
America. I am sure many people here was inspired by his work not only in
technology but also in peace education. I am sorry to pass this really bad


With deep regret I have to announce that one of the most important members
>> of our association passed away at the beginning of the New Year. Professor
>> Gavriel Salomon was one of the driving forces when EARLI was founded 30
>> years ago. He was a wonderful person, an active member of EARLI (Keynote
>> speaker, EC member) and an extremely important researcher in our field.
>> With his affiliations both in Israel and in the USA and his activities in
>> Europe he exemplified through his own life the relevance and attractiveness
>> of cross-border activities in research, thus epitomising the idea of EARLI.
>> His research activities concerning educational technology, distributed
>> cognition, and peace education always showed this attitude. He will
>> continue to be remembered in EARLI.
>> An obituary by David Berliner will be issued in a forthcoming EARLI
>> Newsletter, a memorial special issue of Frontline Learning Research will be
>> prepared by the Editors.
>> Hans Gruber,
>> EARLI President