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[Xmca-l] Fwd: [AAA_ACYIG] New CRN_Lifecourse

Another nice resource that might be of interest - a joint Collaborative
Research Network (CRN) for those interested in exploring connections (e.g.,
physical, political, developmental, symbolic, etc.) between childhood/youth
and adulthood/old age.
Details below.

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From: Lauren Heidbrink <lheidbrink@nl.edu>
Date: Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 7:34 AM
Subject: [AAA_ACYIG] New CRN_Lifecourse
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Dear Colleagues,

The Association for Anthropology and Gerontology working together with the
Anthropology of Aging and the Life Course Interest Group (AALCIG) and ACYIG
have now established a joint Collaborative Research Network (CRN) for those
interested in exploring connections (e.g., physical, political,
developmental, symbolic, etc.) between childhood/youth and adulthood/old

The group has several potential project in mind (for those of you who like
a few outputs to go with your intellectual exchange), including a blog
share, a conference, organizing panels for other conferences, sharing
teaching resources like syllabi, and developing opportunities for
publishing and collaborative research projects.

The central communication hub for plotting and schemeing will be our
CRN_Lifecourse listserv. If you are interested in joining, please visit and
complete the registration form.

CRN_Lifecourse is interested in strengthening the intellectual exchange
among scholars whose primary research focus has been on one stage of the
life course but who are interested in inter-generational relationships,
longitudinal studies, autobiographies, life course transitions, and the
category of age itself in ways that require broader conceptual frameworks.
At the moment, funding, publication, teaching curriculums, and the sections
and subgroups of professional groups reinforce and naturalize divisions
between scholars interested in the life course. Ages end up like
fieldsites, where the anthropologist is encouraged, for example, to
specialize on the internal workings of a single village, rather than
looking at a the larger area of settlements with which it shares
relationships and ecological context. In contrast, the CRN_Lifecourse
encourages the development of concepts that problematize terms like ‘stages
of life,’ ‘generations,’ and ‘age,’ and encourages the proliferation of
specific methods and strategies to help us better conduct life-course
research. Finally, the membership of CRN_Lifecourse will critically engage
with the ways old age and youth are sometimes pitted against each other
(e.g., in competition for humanitarian aid or organ transplants), while at
other times, they are lumped together (e.g., as unproductive, naive,
care-dependent, vulnerable, or sacred). We hope to examine how such
connections impact the ways societies evaluate the life course.

If you have questions (especially technical ones best handled off the
listserv) contact Jason Danely (jdanely@brookes.ac.uk<mailto:

All our best,


Lauren Heidbrink, MA/MS, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Social & Behavioral Sciences
Chair, Public Policy and Administration Program

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