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[Xmca-l] Re: Volkelt's diagram (LSV's HMF Vol 4)

Actually Martin, that is very close to what I mean.

Let's say there is a clay pot in front of us.

If I point to the clay pot, and I say "clay" nothing changes about the pot still being a pot, but the signification of the name isn't the object itself, but a particular attribute of the object, the clay, its substance. When you see that I point to the plate and to the vase and also say "clay" then you know that I don't mean the particularity of the pot, or the other objects, but the substance of the pot, the vase, the plate (theoretically anyway).

But if I point to the clay pot and say "pot" this signifying moment is going to be different than when I said "clay", even though I am pointing at the same object, the clay pot. And so these moments of signifying that occur in the mind will be different, even though I am pointing to the same object, because I'm using different names.

So I suppose it depends whether pointing or whether the name is particular, but the unification in signifying in both cases is the same process as a connection made, not a connection like a chain is connection of links, but a unification to say this name IS that object. It's the aha moment, sometimes, full of recognition, and sometimes happiness.

Kind regards,