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[Xmca-l] Re: Request for advice

Hello -

Thanks to everyone for the advice. I've compiled it and set it out to cool in a post on my blog:


I've listed many but not all of the people who responded, at the end of the post. The How to Teach in English topic was not part of my original assignment; they were just asking for "things teachers can do in the classroom." But teaching in English is obviously the elephant in the dining room, so I have slipped that in as as aspect of "teaching methods."

The audience for this is my Vietnamese colleagues, which may explain some of the emphasis that will sound strange to US readers. 

Thanks very much to people who have experience from other educational systems (like Elinami from Tanzania, Carol from SA and Valerie from Japan -- I'm listing just a few as a teaser). There is probably a conference and a bunch of journals that focus on the transition to teaching in English; what an interesting topic! I would love to hear some comparative histories critically presented. I know that people from ISO (http://www.iso.org/iso/home/about/training-technical-assistance/standards-in-education.htm) are coming around and examining administrative proceses; do they ever get into actual quality of classroom experience?

Thanks again -- Helena

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