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[Xmca-l] Где то́нко — там и рвётся

Thus we may justly quote the Russian proverb: “The chain is no stronger
than its weakest link.” (Ilyenkov)

Can anyone kindly confirm that this is not an aphorism by any philosopher,
politician, like Lenin or Trotsky, but it is, as Ilyenkov says it, in fact,
a proverb.

Up to now, I though it was rather a theoretical aphorism, in the context of
(capitalist) imperialism, like "Russia is a weak link of the imperialist

I do not know Russian, but the wording in Russian makes me think it is a
proverb rather than an aphorism.

Thank you.


P.S. I think that, even if it is a proverb, and as such, it should have
supported immensely a political perspective to detach Russia from the
imperialist chain via a revolution.