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[Xmca-l] Groundings that make life worlds MORE real

Greg Thompson posted the article - temporality, stance ownership, and the constitution of subjectivity - to academia.edu

Greg, this article carried me through your exploration of -stance ownership - that opened new ways of connecting particular ways to make life more real.
The three groundings presented:
- intersubjectivity through recognition
- embodied indexical iconicity
- interobjectivity as the stance of things.

Your paper guided me to a deep appreciation of the complexity of making life worlds more real.
I found the exploration of embodied indexical iconicity the most transformative learning.
However, I wanted to explore the notion of interobjectivity as agentic in one particular case.
Can we imagine the oikos realm as interobjective?
For the oikos realm to be interobjective is to recognize this realm as an object of evaluation.
This means an orientation towards this object that has particular characteristics.
In other words the oikos realm having some specific quality or value.

I am suggesting that the specific quality of the oikos realm is -mutuality - in itself.

The notion of mutuality for its own sake.
If the figure of Hestia embodies this oikos realm, then the gathering around the hearth in itself results in flourishing. 
The hearth as interobjective stancetaking leading to particular  characters or figures of intersubjective stancetaking and particular characters or figures of embodied iconicity.
The quality and values of the places within placings in particular as evaluative orientations toward the oikos realm as interobjective.

I recommend Greg's paper as a contribution to understanding particular groundings making life worlds more real. 

I found the connections generated were transformative.