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[Xmca-l] Attending to the shape of this actual discourse

David's last question if we should be focusing on the shape of the pedagogical and the shape of the ethical realms as linked but also demarcated realms I believe is worthy of its own thread .
I agree that many students prefer large classes where they get to encounter a professor who is knowledgeable pass on his/her love and passion for the subject. Matter.
Others resist the large group format and value the opportunity for conversation styles of mutually responsive inquiry.

I am interested in exploring the medial placing of the shifting demarcation line when attending to the shape and shaping of actual discourse.
David, I read your appeal to explore the shapings and placings of actual phenomenological practicesof discourse as a -topos- and as a -tropos- as a generative and generous question.
I wanted to pause and hold this focus of inquiry so i have raised it up. What is the actual shape of discourse?
How central is the ethical to this shaping and placing?
If the ethical is encompassing of  the -mutual- as a realm then is the -oikos- as a realm also central to the shape of discourse as *inhabiting* discourse? 
Is the shape of meaningful discourse occur as inhabiting thought meaning mutually dwelling within the shape and place of discourse?

David, that you for thinking otherwise.