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[Xmca-l] Re: Happy New 2016

I couldn't resist this:


I'm now practising saying "Šťastný Nový Rok" as befits an ageing rocker.


On 01/01/2016 22:53, Luisa Aires wrote:

Muito estimados e estimadas XMCAers

Desejo a todos e a todas um Feliz Ano Novo, com paz e muita criatividade.
Que esta nossa comunidade continue a ser um espaço de diversidade e de
diálogos inspiradores, com a participação de todos e, em particular, com a
presença atenta de M. Cole.

Um abraço,
Luísa A.

2016-01-01 21:45 GMT+00:00 HENRY SHONERD <hshonerd@gmail.com><mailto:hshonerd@gmail.com>:

To Ana and Lisa and todos los demas xmcieros;
Here’s to a kick-ass chat all year long! It would be cool for chatters to
post a new year’s salute in any language that suits their fancy. No

On Jan 1, 2016, at 1:58 AM, Luísa Aires <laires11@gmail.com><mailto:laires11@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear XMCAers

I wish you a Happy New Year!
Luisa A.

Em 30/12/2015, às 18:44, Dr. Ana Marjanovic-Shane <anamshane@gmail.com><mailto:anamshane@gmail.com>


Happy New 2016 Year

I wish you a lot of happiness, joy, health, success, fun, good books,

films, shows, music to listen and to dance to, many travels and meeting new
and exciting people; I wish for the peace in the world, goodheartedness,
incredible science, technical, medical and ecological advances; and, of
course, I wish you to have all your wishes fulfilled.

But, most of all, I wish us to have a lot of good time together.


Ana Marjanovic-Shane
anamshane@gmail.com<mailto:anamshane@gmail.com> <mailto:anamshane@gmail.com><mailto:anamshane@gmail.com>
(m) 267-334-2905

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