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[Xmca-l] Re: Literature review of first-person studies of apprenticeship

Also Perret, J-F and Perret Clermont, A-N, 2011. *Apprenticeship in a
changing trade. *Information AgePublishing:Charlotte, NC. It's part of a
series edited by Jaan Valsiner. Though it's particular to Swiss watches and
the needed changes in training and apprenticeship occasioned by
transformation of the industry (think Apple Watch or even Swatch, compared
to Rolex) it considers the issues of apprenticeship broadly. Sorry I don't
have the URL.

On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 2:08 PM, Peter Smagorinsky <smago@uga.edu> wrote:

> http://methodenpool.uni-koeln.de/situierteslernen/Teaching%20As%20Learning.htm
> might be a start for more foundational work (including the references).
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> Dear all,
> Excuse me if this is question is a little off-topic, but knowing the
> interests of those reading XMCA, I thought that others might also benefit
> from this sort of thread.
> I'm doing a PhD in which I will become an apprentice to study learning in
> a community of practice/through LPP. There are quite a few other studies
> like this, the most obvious being those in Michael Coy's 1989 book
> 'Apprenticeship', along with Trevor Marchand's 'Minaret Building...'
> (2012), Eugene Cooper's 'Wood-carvers...' (1980), and others.
> My problem now is that it is difficult to conduct a complete review of
> studies like these because of the varied language that they use to describe
> themselves. For example, some describe themselves as ethnography, others as
> phenomenological inquiry; some describe apprenticeships, while others
> research very loose communities of skilled practitioners. No combination of
> search terms (I have tried "first-person", "apprenticeship",
> "experiential", "ethnography" etc in various combinations) results in
> convincingly comprehensive results - I am afraid I am missing large swathes
> of literature.
> My question is: Is anyone aware of recent edited collections of this type
> of work, or resources (database thesaurus terms, perhaps?) that would help
> in the search? I am also considering just 'crowd-sourcing' a list of
> publications, a strategy that might be of use to others if the list were
> made public.
> Curious to hear your thoughts,
> Tom
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