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[Xmca-l] How Benjamin saw the angel in klee

The question you posed, how Benjamin saw the truth of historical consciousness through klee's *image* opens a topic, a subject matter, and a question of method.
Method for vasilyuk explores the salience of *response* and *address*.
So klee's angel generated a coexperiencing response within benjamin's awareness that oriented Benjamin to a particular *tradition* which put into question "historical materialism". 
The quotation marks indicate historical materialism AS INTERPRETED normatively in 1939. 
Klee's angel ( or should we say benjamin's angel emerged while Benjamin was composing his thesis on history. The angel was thesis 12.
The thesis were generated from the conflict generated when Hitler and stalin made a pact.
This crisis shattered benjamin's trust in historical materialism as an approach, and threw Benjamin back (or return to) benjamin's earlier orientation to the mystery of metaphysics (and silence).

Klees' image (now benjamin's image was coexperienced by Hannah ardent when Benjamin sent her the thesis. Hannah orients to the natality and birth of meaning and Hannah sent her experience of the angel to adorno who was deeply moved by klee and Benjamin and ardent's iimage of the angel.
Adorno wrote a book, it was translated into English and this angel entered the culture and was carried to Wikipedia. Huw coexperienced this angel and shared it on XMCA. Mike questioned the genesis of benjamin's generative image and I am tracing its lineage through traditions OF justification.
If this is a type of reflection and logic, and reason then this approach has a RELIANCE within topics, subject matters, and methods AS traditions.

This tradition leads back to Vico and this breath of history is blowing the angel of history through the spaces and situations here and now as I com/pose this RESPONSE (with reliance being within a tradition which includes STILLNESS and SILENCE).