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as it turns out, Alexi, wikipedia sez influences on michael white (who is reported to have died in san diego in 2008) are:

While early influences included those of systems theory and cybernetics (Gregory Bateson),[7] White's main work drew on a wide range of sources, including literary theory (Jerome Bruner), cultural anthropology (Clifford Geertz, Barbara Myerhoff, Victor Turner), non-structuralist psychology (William James, Lev Vygotsky) and French critical / post-structuralist philosophy (Jacques Derrida, Gilles Deleuze and Michel Foucault).[8]

so, probably white got the notion of scaffolding from jerome bruner, who has promoted the theory or scaffolding.

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I have not seen it my self at any of Vygotskys work but Michael White in one of his books claims he  uses the idea of scaffolding that is taken from Vygotsky's work for psychotherapeutic practice.Thats why I have said that it could be that Michael White never read Vygotsky. He might read some interpretations of Vygotsky from other scholars but not the original work of Vygotksy.

I remember when I got interviewed for a couple counselling position and got asked whom are my favourite writers and said that one is Vygotsky (that was 3 years ago) the respond was "oh yes we know Vygotsky, Michael White the father of narrative therapy he uses his idea of scaffolding in his theories for counseling" since then to be honest I was thinking that scaffolding was Vygotksys concept:)